Personalised Back to School Essentials

Preparing yourself and your little one for their first day at school or first day of a new term after holidays?  Take a look at our top picks of Personalised back to school essentials.  Including backpacks, lunch bags, stationary, water bottles and more.


1. First Day at School Personalised Story Book 

First day at school Children's personalised story book

A colourful personalised book where your child can experience the first day of school. Perfect for preparing pre-school children for their first day at big school, this story book shows them there's nothing to worry about.


2. Personalised Backpacks/Rucksacks 

 Personalised Black backpack rucksack for school

Help keep their bag identifiable yet stylish by adding their name into the design.  Our range of backpacks/rucksacks are all durable, hard wearing and large enough to fit a standard A4 folder in, so plenty of room for their books, stationary, PE kit and more.


3. Personalised insulated lunch bags

Dinosaur Blue Personalised insulated Lunch Bag with carry straps

 Perfect to keep their lunch and snacks safe and cool in our range of insulated lined lunch bags. Available in various colours and designs all of which can be personalised. The interior can easily be wiped clean. The bags come complete with handy carry straps.


4. Personalised Drinks and water bottle 

White aluminium Drinks bottle with Black star design personalised with name

Keep them hydrated with a personalised Drinks bottle.  Available in a range of designs, colours and sizes. Most with matching backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases available.


5. Personalised Book Bags

Red book bag featuring a Football design with personalised name

Personalised Book bags available in a range of colours and designs that can incorporate the child's name. Complete with padded handle, Rip-Strip closure and Enhanced visibility reflective stripes these are the perfect way to keep their little books and stationary safe.


6. Personalised Pencil cases and Stationary 

Green personalised pencil case

Personalised Stationary and pencil cases available in a range of design and colours 


7. Kit bags 

Pink Fairy Princess personalised Kit bag

The ideal bag to keep their Kit safe for P.E, Swimming, dance lessons and more.  Made from a durable Canvas cotton outer with PEVA lining making the bag waterproof.  Available in a range of colours and designs all can be personalised with the child's name.



That's our top picks of Personalised Back to School goodies rounded up!

Wishing your little ones an awesome first day back of term or best of luck on their first day of school  📚✏️💙❤️💚💛 

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