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Valentine's Day 2023 Gift Guide

What Day is Valentine's 2023

TUESDAY 14th February 2023.

Want to learn the real story of how Valentine's Day came about? whilst finding some cute and cheap gifts and date night ideas? Take a look below for our complete run down of all things Valentine's day.

What is the real story of Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on  February 14.  It originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in the third century AD. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret.

When Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.

There, he fell in love with the jailer's daughter and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed "from your Valentine".

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Want to write your own love letter for your Valentine? check this out:

Who is Valentine's Day for?

Contrary to popular belief, this day is not only for lovers, but for all those whom we love. Of course, Valentine's Day is not the only day to share our love. Rather, it is yet another opportunity to let those whom we love know how much we love and appreciate them.

Every year on 14 February people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends. Couples send Valentine's Day cards and flowers and spend special time together to honour their love for each other.

In many countries around the world, single people can find themselves dreading Valentine's day. But not in Estonia and Finland, two tiny European countries where Feb. 14 is Friend's Day, a celebration of platonic love. 

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Looking for a gift for a Galentine, something from a little Valentine or a gift both you and your partner can keep, take a look at these fabulous ideas:

Cheap Valentine's Date ideas

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors dinner date - Great fun for you and your partner (and little ones can get involved too). Head to the supermarket and play a game of rock, paper, scissors for starters, mains and dessert.  Whoever wins picks what you are having for that course, whilst the loser cooks it.
  2. Movie night - Grab the blankets, some popcorn and beverages to snuggle down for the evening. Flip a coin to decide who picks the movie you are going to watch.

  3. Games Night - Round up your favourite board game or set up your best game on the console. Set an incentive for the winner of the game (for example they don't have to wash up for a week, but the loser does).

  4. Treasure hunt - Leave notes around the house, apartment, or room with clues leading to the next note, with a cute, funny, or naughty surprise at the end.

  5. Out and about - Visit a local museum, gallery, or park. Fresh air, culture and Free.

  6. Take a drive - Pack up with snacks, drinks or treats and head out on the open road to a local beauty spot. Enjoy the scenery whilst chilling and listening to your favourite music.

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Something perfect for games night:

Cheap DIY Valentine's Gift ideas

  1. Flowers done differently - Instead of an expensive bunch of roses or flowers that won't last too long. Head to your local garden centre and choose a nice potted plant. Maybe something that will grow indoors or possibly something you could plant together outside.  Accompany the gift with note saying "we can watch this blossom (or grow) like our Love" (Cheesy or cute? you decide).
  2. Note Jar - Find an old jar, or even a tupperware box with a lid that you can spruce up.  Fill it with little notes of things you love about your person. Then when they are feeling low, missing you, or make it a daily or weekly thing, they can pick out a note to be reminded of how much you love and care for them.
  3. Date Night jar - Using the same concept as above. Fill a jar or box with notes of date night ideas and pick one out once a week or month and go on the date written on the note.
  4. Love Tokens - Similar concept as above, write out fun or naughty tokens on small gift tags for your partner to redeem at any time.
  5. Pamper box - Jazz up an old shoe box with some gift wrap and sellotape and fill it with your loved ones' favourite things (photos of you both, chocolate, sweets or drink, cosy socks, favourite moisturiser, face masks, items you have kept from previous dates like ticket stubs etc).
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"Let love grow" personalise your own plant pot:

Now you have the down low on what Valentine's day is all about.  Hopefully, you have found our recommendations or tips helpful to create a special day for you and your loved one on February 14th. We'll leave you with some cute personalised gift ideas below:

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